The collection of photographs here show a few examples of shelving projects I produced over the last few years. The projects take on a variety of forms each designed for a particular location to specifications chosen by the clients.

A popular choice over the years has been for ‘floating shelves’ often fitted into an alcove. The photos below are a collection floating shelves I have produced over the years.


 oak veneeered shelving dyed_cherrywood_shelving alcove shelf for television alcove shelves for books and tv book-shelves fitted-shelving-photo 2-alcoves

For larger shelves and longer spans it is often more practical to build bookcases, as illustrated in the following photos.

 oak shelving in brighton & hove detail_oak completed project Large bookcase made to measure Laminate_bookcasewhite _shelving Shelving with sideboard

The following pictures show a variation on that theme, ‘box’ type shelving often covering a whole wall.

shelving_storage_unit finished_shelves1 bottom-fitted shevles six_cabinets_with_box_shelving

Prices will depend on size, design and on choice of materials. If you have a project in mind, or would like to discuss options please get in touch. I am happy to offer a free quote for projects in the Brighton & Hove area. My contact details can be found by following this ~link~.